PDF Cutter and Joiner

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format especially used for various documents. These sorts of files can be created using softwares like Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Capture. The main advantage of this format is its versatility; documents of this format can be viewed on PC, laptop and even smartphones using necessary softwares such as Adobe Reader.

The main features of PDF have been highlighted below:

  • Portability
  • Reliability
  • Multi-platform support

Several reasons behind the growing popularity of PDF have been listed:

  • There are several softwares available which can be used to open these files. The most popular one, Adobe Reader, is completely free of cost for all platforms.
  • PDF files can be encrypted, hence making them extremely secure.

Due to the massive popularity of PDF files in today's world, software that can be used to modify these PDF files is of extreme importance. Hence, PDF splitter and merger software can be of significant importance for people who are looking for user friendly software to modify their PDF files.

Our PDF splitter and merger software is feature packed, yet flexible and robust, and uses the latest technology to perform its operations in the minimum amount of time.

The splitter part is used in cutting or editing the PDF document. The core features of the splitter part of our software include:

  • With this, one can easily split a PDF file consisting of multiple pages into multiple PDF files consisting of a single page.
  • One can also split the file into multiple files of maybe one, two or any number of pages desired.
  • Our user interface has been designed keeping new users in mind, so that it is extremely easy to understand and use even for first time users.
  • People can also split certain number of pages specified by the user to form a new file from a multipage PDF file.

The merger part of our software can be used to edit other source PDF files from which new PDF documents can be produced. Some of the key features of the merger part of the software have been written below:

  • Like the splitter portion, this one, too, is extremely easy to use and everything has been explained in detail in the software.
  • Merging single page PDF files into one PDF document is extremely easy.

Our software is also capable of several other features:

  • Removing or deleting single or multiple pages from a PDF file.
  • Removing a certain range of pages.
  • Extracting certain pages from a file to create a new document.

People can use our software without the need to install any Adobe software at all. It is extremely versatile and has been regarded as one of the best PDF editing software available in the market for several years now. Besides, this software is available for almost all versions of Windows, from Windows 98 till Windows 8.1., and that too in 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions as well.

This software has been highly successful with thousands of downloads till now, and the huge number of positive reviews from customers is a testimony to our success.

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System Specification

  • .net framework 2.0 or above installed in system
  • At least 10 MB free space on hard drive
  • 512 or 512+ MB RAM
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8