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PDF is the short form of Portable Document Format, which is now the most popular format for almost all digital documents. PDF files can be viewed on PC, laptop and even smartphones with the help of various applications such as Adobe Reader and Moon Reader. These sort of files can be created using software like Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Capture.

The main features of PDF have been highlighted below:

  • Versatility
  • Reliability
  • Multi-platform support

PDF has been so popular for lots of reasons; a few of them have been written below:

  • PDF can be viewed from almost all electrical devices; hence, they are portable. This makes this the ideal format for office documents.
  • PDF files can be encrypted easily, thus increasing their security.

PDF files need to be edited often to modify their contents, hence having a PDF editing software on your PC or laptop is a necessity. That's why PDF splitter and merger software are so popular in today's world. These often come in handy and can assist people in modifying PDF files.

Our PDF editing software is one of a kind, it contains the usual set of features that are normally present in other similar software available in the market, such as splitter, merger etc.; but the list of features doesn't end there. It consists of several other features which are normally not available in other similar programs, which have been discussed in detail below.

The features of the splitter and merger portion of our software have been highlighted below:

  • The splitter can edit a multipage PDF file into multiple files consisting of single pages.
  • One can also split the file into multiple files of maybe one, two or any number of pages desired.
  • People can also split certain number of pages specified by the user to form a new file from a multipage PDF file.
  • The merger allows users to merge multiple single page or multipage PDF files into one PDF document.
  • Our user interface has been designed keeping new users in mind, so that it is extremely easy to understand and use even for first time users.

There are lots of additional features in our software, which make our product unique. A few of these other features include:

  • Removing or deleting single or multiple pages from a PDF file
  • Removing a certain range of pages.
  • Extracting certain pages from a file to create a new document.
  • Bookmarking pages in a PDF file.
  • Watermarking pages in a PDF file.
  • Protect PDF document and restrict printing, editing, copying, extracting, form filling, annotation security.
  • Encrypt document using User and Owner password.
  • Changing the orientation and dimensions of specified pages in the source PDF file.
  • Altering PDF meta properties.
  • Making two pages as a single page in a booklet.

Besides, there are several security features inbuilt as well for protection of your PDF document against unwanted use. Firstly, you can insert watermark into your PDF. Secondly, you can protect your PDF file with a password, and restrict certain permissions such as copying, editing, printing etc.

This product is capable of working in batch mode, and can be used to modify both unprotected as well as protected documents. We support all versions of Windows ranging from Windows 98 till 8.1, along with both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Despite being loaded with all these features, this software is flexible and robust, and uses the latest technology to perform its operation in the minimum amount of time. There is a reason why people trust us and regard our product as one of the best available at the moment.

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System Specification

  • .net framework 2.0 or above installed in system
  • At least 10 MB free space on hard drive
  • 512 or 512+ MB RAM
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8