JPG to PDF Converter

Most pictures are stored in JPG format nowadays. It is the most common format used in smartphones and digital cameras. PDF (Portable Document Format) is now the most popular format for all sorts of digital files one can find on a PC or smartphone. Applications required to view and create these PDF documents are available for all types of electronic equipments like PCs, tablets etc. Hence, it is likely that sometimes people might need to convert JPG format into a PDF file.

This JPG to PDF convertor is extremely versatile, meaning that it can easily transform the picture in JPG format into a PDF file no matter how big or small the picture is. Moreover, this software not only supports JPG format snaps, but also JPEG, JPE and JFIF formats. We always keep our product optimised and bug free, so that it performs without any lag or disturbances and can complete the task in the fastest time possible. Our software is updated at regular intervals to provide the best experience for our customers.

The convertor can convert the pictures into a PDF document consisting of a single page or multiple pages as specified by the user. Besides, we know that often people need to change a scanned document into a PDF one. For that, the best way will be changing the scanned document to JPG format and then using our application to modify the JPG picture into a PDF file.

The major features present in our software, which help us in staying one step ahead of the competition include the following -

  • User Interface is user friendly and extremely easy to use, so that even newbies can use it.
  • Batch mode supported.
  • Restoration of image supported and no change in quality of image is found.
  • Possible to add image extension with resultant file name.
  • No other third party software is required for its operation; it can complete the task alone.
  • Select the images required from a collection of JPG images which need to be converted.
  • Single click operation mode.
  • Lightweight software, in terms of resources used.
  • Possible to affix Prefix and Suffix with converted file name.

Besides, our software can run on all versions of Windows from Windows XP till the latest Version, 8.1 along with support for 32 bit and 64 bit OS versions.

No one knows when one might need to convert JPG images to PDF files for office or some other work. Hence, it is always advised to keep such a software installed in the system. Backed by years of experience, we have been at the top in this field for quite some time. The consumer base has expanded significantly and that is a testimony to our growing success.

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System Specification

  • .net framework 2.0 or above installed in system
  • At least 10 MB free space on hard drive
  • 512 or 512+ MB RAM
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8